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Where to Find a Logo For Your Business

A logo is a representation of your business’ identity. Once you come up with a business name, you need to find a logo that extends your brand. Your logo can help to express feelings and emotions that you want customers to associate with your brand. Finding the perfect logo is easier said than done. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to design our own logo. But don’t worry if you weren’t kissed by a muse yet. There are free and paid logo makers as well as freelance designers out there ready to help. Here are my favorite places to find logo design inspiration.

Wix Logo Maker

Wix is a great resource to find a logo design template. You simply enter your brand name and, if you’d like, a tagline. Next, enter your business industry. This helps Wix to find matching aesthetics. You can also say how the logo should feel and look. Should it look timeless, fun or techy? Feel free to choose more than one option. The last step it to tell Wix where you want to place your logo.

Here is what they came up with for me:

Wix logo maker examples

You can also choose to replace the icon for all of the pre-designed options or to customize any of the logos. If you’re happy with any of the logos, you can download it. The price is either $20 for the basic package or $50 for the advanced package. You can also download the free low-resolution version, to see how it would look on your website or packaging. With Wix you can create a logo within minutes. 


99 designs logos
Screenshot of 99 designs

99designs is another way to find a logo for your business. This website gives you access to creative freelance designers from around the world. Write a brief to explain what exactly you need. You can then either browse through designers and hire them directly or you can start a contest. Designers submit their logo design ideas, and you choose your favorite. A logo design contest starts at $299. A contest exclusively with top-level designers costs more. 


Fiverr is another website where you can find a professional logo designer. There is an agreed-on fee that the designer sets up. Choose what you’re looking for and let Fiverr know if you already have a design concept or if you need some help coming up with an idea. Next, choose your favorite design style, like flat or hand-drawn designs, and decide if you want to be able to edit and resize the logo. Fiverr then chooses the designers that match your needs. You can also narrow your choices down more. For example, you can say how fast you need the design and how much you’re willing to spend. Now you can compare reviews and prices. 


Canva Logo Maker

Canva is another free logo design app. First, enter your business name and choose your industry. The platform then asks you to choose your favorite 5 logos out of a selection so that they understand better what you like. Before you can see and edit your logos, Canva asks you to sign up. Signing up with Canva is free. You can now choose between different logo design templates. You can also create your own unique logo by uploading your own photos and choosing between various elements and fonts. 

Free Canva Logo maker

You can then download the png for free. You’ll have to subscribe to Canva pro to get the design in different sizes and to get access to some of the elements. It cost $12.95/month but they offer a 30 days free trial.

Graphic Springs Logo maker
Screenshot of GraphicSprings

Graphic Springs is another site that helps you create your own business logo. It basically lets you choose from different graphics and edit the fonts and colors. You first enter your business name. Then you can choose an industry or a design style you like. If you already have a design idea you can look for a matching icon. GraphicSprings then shows you different logos. Choose your favorite and edit it if you’d like.

Here’s the logo I created with GraphicSprings:

Example logo from Graphicsprings

The last step is to download the logo. It’s $19.99 to get the high-resolution images.


Free logo maker hatchful
Screenshot of Hatchful Logo Maker

The last free logo maker is hatchful from Shopify. You simply choose your industry, your favorite design style, and enter your business name and slogan. The next step is to let them know where you want to use the design. Hatchful then shows design templates that match your design preferences and industry. 

Here are some of the designs hatchful came up with for me:

hatchful free logo examples

You can then choose your favorite and edit the font, colors, and elements. In order to download your logo, you need to sign up with hatchful. Here, you can save and edit your favorite logos, or download them in different sizes.

Final Note

When you’re looking for a business logo, you have a couple of options to choose from. One option is to go with a logo maker. Here you can choose from different icons, fonts, layouts, and colors. Alternatively, you can also work with a designer to create something completely unique. Sometimes, you might not need a graphic at all. Your brand name in a nice font can be enough as well. Get inspired and find a logo you’re excited to share with your customers.