12 Best Storytelling Courses & Classes

⭐️ Storytelling is a powerful way to get your point across.
⭐️ Below are online courses that will help you tell better stories.

Storytelling is a useful tool in all sorts of different situations, whether you’re trying to sell a client on your idea or winning over a new manager at the company retreat. However, it can feel like a challenge to turn the complex, multifaceted situations of your work into a streamlined narrative that keeps the focus on you.

Luckily, hearing someone else’s story can help you understand the elements of a good one. You can also use a storytelling course to learn how to craft a message that sticks, as well as discover how to share your own stories in ways that are more likely to resonate with others. (You might not even realize you’re doing it, but you can also learn to tell your own story in a way that makes you look more like a leader.)

With the right class, you can also learn how to prove your storytelling chops in an interview or pitch, as well as hone your skills while working remotely with a team that might not be able to see you during the day.

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Learn Storytelling with these Courses and Tutorials:

1. Storytelling for Leaders: How to Craft Stories That Matter

Instructor: Keith Yamashita
Platform: Skillshare

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to get people to listen and engage with you. It has all kinds of applications from selling products, creating better customer experiences, and even teaching. In this course you’ll learn how to craft stories that matter. You’ll discover the power of storytelling techniques like metaphor, story arcs, foreshadowing, character development and much more!

2. Storytelling to Influence

Instructor: Jeff Tan
Platform: Udemy

Storytelling is an effective and fun way to speak persuasively, but most people don’t know how to do it properly. This course will teach you the fundamentals of storytelling, with a focus on storytelling’s unique power of influencing other people.

3. The Complete Storytelling Course for Speaking & Presenting

Instructor: TJ Walker
Platform: Udemy

The Complete Storytelling Course for Speaking & Presenting is a step-by-step course on how to write, structure and deliver a presentation (or speech). It will show you exactly what to say and how to say it so you can deliver your message without worrying about being nervous.

4. Storytelling 101: Character, Conflict, Context & Craft

Instructor: Daniel José Older
Platform: Skillshare

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to be a better storyteller. It will teach you how to write stories that persuade, entertain, and connect with your target audience. If you want to build your writing chops from the ground up, this course is for you.

5. Powerful Storytelling Today: Strategies for Crafting Great Content

Instructor: Soledad O’Brien
Platform: Skillshare

This course is the ultimate guide for aspiring storytellers, whether you’re just starting out or want to hone your craft. It’s packed with practical tips and insights for how to write engaging stories that will resonate with your audience.

6. Storytelling Fundamentals for All – 1 Hour Supercourse

Instructor: Matt Livadary
Platform: Udemy

Storytelling is a powerful tool, but you don’t have to be a professional or a great one to use it in your everyday life. In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of storytelling: how to find stories that inspire you; how to find the best time to tell the story; how to tell your story with confidence.

7. Intro to Storytelling: Wow Your Crowd

Instructor: Kevin Allison
Platform: Udemy

Learn how to captivate your audience, make them feel like they are part of your story, and make them laugh. If you want to wow your crowd and be the life of the party, this is the course for you!

8. Storytelling in the Workplace

Instructor: Ammina Kothari
Platform: edX

This course will teach you how to tell a story that will leave an impression on others. By using storytelling as the foundation of your approach, you’ll be able to connect more with your customers and prospects. Find out why this is such a powerful tool in the workplace. You’ll also learn how to use storytelling as a tool for innovation and creativity in your personal and professional life.

9. The Story Course – Storytelling Masterclass

Instructor: Paul Jenkins and Paul Jenkins’ Brilliantio
Platform: Udemy

The Story Course is an online course that teaches you the fundamentals of storytelling. Impress your friends with incredible stories! Take this course to learn how to start and stop a story, how to connect with your audience, and how to tell a story using a variety of different techniques.

10. Storytelling for Persuasion and Transformation

Instructor: Alex Glod
Platform: Udemy

Knowing how to tell a story can be the difference between being a great persuader and being an average one. If you want to become an amazing storyteller, this is your chance.

11. Public Speaker’s Guide to Storytelling (Inspire + Persuade)

Instructor: Alex Glod
Platform: Udemy

This course teaches public speakers how to translate their personal stories into captivating presentations. The course includes lectures, videos, and quizzes that will help you connect with your audience and tell your story effectively.

12. Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content

Instructor: Jonah Berger
Platform: Coursera

This course teaches you the fundamentals of viral marketing by showing you how to create and nurture a story that will inspire others to take action, share it with their friends, and ultimately become part of the story themselves.

Writing a good story is the most important part of any novel, so I’ve decided to share a few courses that can help you build your skills in this area. If you want more courses on other topics, please let me know.

Term Definition: Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful marketing technique that works to create a bond between a business and its prospective customers. Sharing a story allows your company to humanize itself and connect with customers on an emotional level. Storytelling is especially effective in conveying how your company solves problems for its customers and how it helps them reach their goals.

Tl;dr – Ideas to Remember: Storytelling

Storytelling is an art form that has been used for thousands of years to share information and to entertain.
A storyteller is someone who can tell a story well—whether it’s fictional or based on personal experience, it must be engaging and interesting to the audience.
Stories can be used to explain a concept or illustrate a point.
Stories are used in marketing, public relations, politics, and other fields to convince people of a certain idea or to give people a deeper understanding of a topic.