10 Best Productivity Courses & Classes

⭐️ With the right productivity training, you can become twice as productive in just a couple months.
⭐️ From gaining the skills to work smarter, not harder to planning out your day, these courses can help you get more done in less time.

Trying to figure out how to get more done while working remotely? You’re not alone.

In fact, 70% of remote workers suffer from decreased productivity. But the solution for how to be more productive might prove even more challenging — there’s an endless supply of apps, tools, and tricks out there that all claim to offer the answers.

If you’re looking for a more cohesive and reliable approach, you might want to take a class or two on how to be more productive. Some courses are taught by experts who can offer tips for getting more done at work and home, but you can also find classes that focus on productivity in specific roles. For example, you might want to learn how to become more productive as an entrepreneur, or how to set better goals as a remote software developer.

And while it might be tempting to just plow through the latest productivity fad or Instagram-famous to-do list, you’ll be better served by a structured approach that gets you to actually use your systems and tools instead of writing them off as the latest passing fad.

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Learn Productivity with these Courses and Tutorials:

1. Productivity and Time Management for the Overwhelmed

Instructor: Josh Paulsen
Platform: Udemy

This course is all about making the most of your time. Here you will learn how to manage your time so you can get more done, have more free time, and be happier.

2. Modern Productivity — Superhuman Focus In A Distracted World

Instructor: Brad Merrill
Platform: Udemy

Productivity is a tricky topic, especially when it comes to managing all the distractions in our lives. In this course, you’ll learn how to get things done while doing other things — without feeling overwhelmed or burnt out.

3. Productivity Machine: Time Management & Productivity Hacks

Instructor: Patrick Dang
Platform: Udemy

Productivity Machine is a course that teaches you how to become more productive. You will learn what productivity is, how to achieve it and how to use different time management techniques.

4. Productivity Habits That Stick: Using Time Theming

Instructor: Mike Vardy
Platform: Skillshare

Productivity is a buzzword that people throw around, but what does it really mean? One of the biggest ways to improve your productivity in life is to use time-theming. Time-theming involves making a habit of setting aside specific times for things you want to do. It’s one of the most important productivity hacks that can dramatically improve your work output, and this course will teach you how to make time-themed habits for any area of life. In this course, you’ll learn about the benefits of time-themed habits and how to use them in your daily life.

5. Real Productivity: Create Your Ideal Week

Instructor: Michael Karnjanaprakorn
Platform: Skillshare

The course will teach you how to set up your to-do list, the best time to work, how to plan your day with productivity tools, and many other tips. The course is designed for anyone who wants to become a more productive person.

6. Smart Tips: Productivity

Instructor: Chris Croft
Platform: Udemy

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a blank screen, wondering how you can get more done in less time, then this course is for you. You’ll learn how to maximize your productivity by focusing on the right tasks and taking action on them. By learning the steps to getting things done, you’ll be able to focus your energy on what matters most.

7. Become a SpeedDemon: Productivity Tricks to Have More Time

Instructor: Jonathan Levi, Leslie Benavides and SuperHuman Academy®
Platform: Udemy

Are you busy? Do you have too much to do? Do you want to be more productive in your life, with your work and with your personal projects? This course will teach you the secret tricks that successful people know about being more productive.

8. Productivity with Evernote: Use One Tool for Everything

Instructor: Lindsey C. Holmes
Platform: Skillshare

Productivity with Evernote is a comprehensive course to learn how to use one tool for everything. This course will teach you how to get the most out of Evernote so you can achieve your goals and live a more productive life.

9. Boost Your Productivity: Adapt, Improve, Do!

Instructor: Doru Catana
Platform: Udemy

The goal of this course is to make you more productive, help you focus, and get the most out of your day. You will learn how to master your productivity tools and how to manage your time so that you can get the most out of any day.

10. Time Management & Productivity Best Practices: Get More Done

Instructor: Steve Ballinger, MBA
Platform: Udemy

This course will teach you the fundamentals of time management and productivity, from setting your goals to understanding your workday. You’ll learn how to integrate a productive lifestyle into your daily schedule, allowing you to get more done with less stress and anxiety.

There are many courses that could help you become more productive. You can improve your workflow, learn how to manage your time, find motivation and learn to work smarter. Here are some of the best courses that can help you become more productive and improve your skills.

Term Definition: Productivity

Productivity refers to the efficiency with which a company uses its time and resources to generate revenue. Productivity is important because it allows a company to meet its goals and objectives with a limited amount of resources. In business, the most common way to measure productivity is through the use of a financial ratio such as return on assets (ROA).

Tl;dr – Ideas to Remember: Productivity

Productivity is the rate at which you complete your work.
Improving your productivity can help you get the most out of your time, which allows you to accomplish more tasks.
There are a number of strategies that can help you become more productive, including breaking large projects into smaller tasks, setting priorities, organizing your workspace, managing your time, and avoiding distractions.